Looking for a Top Quality Carpet Design Service?


Tracey Walsh Design has been at the forefront in providing Carpet Designs for the last 30 years. So if you are looking for a Top UK Based Professional Carpet Design Service, you need look no further than Tracey Walsh Design .

Using the latest Carpet Design Software we can demonstrate How To Design The Best Carpet for your project whether it is for a Hotel Carpet Project, a Restaurant Carpet Project or as part of your Interior Design Scheme in your Own Home.

Our wealth of experience using Rich And Sumptuous Axminster Carpets, Wilton Carpets, Beautiful Printed Carpets and The Stunning And Vibrant Tufted Carpets enables us to Design Multi Pile Height Loop and Tip Sheared Carpet as attractive additions to enhance any Interior whether it be Axminster Carpet and Tufted Carpet in Hotels or Tufted Carpet and Printed Carpet in Shop Interiors.

How is a Carpet Designed? That is a great question but the Carpet Design is not the whole story.

The Best Carpet Designs can be broken down into many components, but the most significant of these is an in-depth Knowledge of Carpet Technology. If you are not an Expert in Carpet Manufacturing Technology, then how will you produce a Fantastic Carpet Design?

At Tracey Walsh Carpet Design, we believe in a Value Added Carpet Design Service. We have possibly the Best Knowledge of Carpet Manufacture in The UK which not only enables us to Design Top Quality Carpets but gives our customers the added benefit of unsurpassed Carpet Technical Support.

As part of our commitment to this excellent service we are able to include the Production of Carpet Samples in all qualities. These include Simulated Axminster Carpet Quality, Wilton Carpet Quality, Tufted Graphics Carpet Quality and even Multi Textured Carpet Constructions.


Our aim is to Create Beautiful Carpet Designs and to ensure you have the added benefit of a Carpet Design Consultant at your fingertips which gives Tracey Walsh Design the enviable position of being able to provide;

• A Bespoke Carpet Design Service
• A Wide Selection of Colour Ranges for the Retail Carpet Market
• Contract Carpet Design from Concept to Installation
• A wealth of experience in Carpet Yarn Development
• Initial Consultancy through to full Project Completion with Interior Designers and Architects

Tracey Walsh Design are also experts in the Manufacture and Design of Rugs in a variety of materials such as Multi Pile Height Textured Quality Rugs to Printed Rugs and Axminster Rugs so we really do offer one of the most comprehensive Carpet Design Services in the world.

For more information, contact us on designer@traceywalshdesign