From the Neo-Gothic Architecture of the Parliament Building to the colourful Diamond Shaped Roof Tiles of St.Matthias Church designed by Frigyes Schulek, Budapest is awash with Colour , Style and Pattern at every turn.

Vibrant Colours, such as Paprika, Deep Blue, Turquoise and Emerald green and soft hues of Rose Pink and Gold combined with Architectural Detailing of the historical buildings with their Ornate Friezes and Wrought Iron Gates and shutters were more than enough to start the creative juices flowing on a recent trip to Budapest.I cannot wait to start on a New Collection of Hungarian inspired Carpet Designs.

The difficulty came in trying to streamline my thoughts and ideas as there was so much to excite me and so I began with looking at the Folk Art of the Hungarian Textiles.

Beautiful tablecloths in Floral Designs with Embroidery Motifs were displayed in shop widows which was a Lace and Textile collector’s dream in the quaint cobbled streets of the village of Szentendre just 22 km to the north of Budapest. They are all on show for the tourists and the design hungry (no pun intended) visitor like me. In my new collection this aspect of Hungarian Design will be represented in Axminster Carpet Designs and Tufted Carpet Designs of Flowers and Leaves with Small Repeating Patterns and Ornamental Decoration, ideal for the Residential market, aimed at those who are longing for a change to the usual plain beiges on offer.

Back in the centre of Budapest, a lengthy but fascinating walk along Andrassy Way from the Pest embankment, past St Stephen’s Bascillica to Heroes’ Square gives a flavour of the local architecture and beautiful Wrought Iron Scroll Designs of the gates of large, imposing buildings.

I will take inspiration from the Leafy Scrolls and Flowing Art work of this magnificent gate and have already started to put my ideas on paper for a Traditional Design aimed at the Boutique Hotel and those of you who are so discerning, only a Specially Designed Carpet for your Country Home will suffice.

A metro ride to the Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) later and it was more than visual inspiration I found. The smells and sounds of the Market on a busy day were so captivating I had to tear myself away.

The Vibrant Reds and Oranges of the market stalls and their wares, especially the Paprika peppers hung on strings led to Paprika being the Dominant Colour in several of my sketches so far. My Colour Palette for the new Hungarian Design Collection will be bold and exciting using colours side by side from the opposite end of the Spectrum along with Pastel Shades.

The visit to the Synagogue in Dohany Street, a Moorish-Byzantine Style building was a beautiful place to stop and catch a breath in more ways than one. The stunning interior Decorative Design of Golden and Rose Coloured Frescoes partly designed by Frigyes Feszl on almost every surface took some time to take in but I happily took a seat and made copious notes on the Colours and Styles of the Decorated and Embossed Wall and Ceiling Panels.

Following on from sitting and resting in the Synagogue, I sat and rested in the New York Café with cake and coffee of course, and marveled at the Rococo Design of the Interior.

A Work of Art, Elegant,Gilt Edged and Ornate, the Cream, Aqua and Soft Pink Pictoral Ceiling Panels and Scrolls and Swirls are inspiration for an Axminster Carpet Design suitable for a palace, or failing that sought after commission, a large Hotel or Bar, looking to impress its clientele with the owner’s eye for beauty.

So there you have it in a whirlwind account, my ideas will keep me going for some time so look out on my website for the Budapest Collection, coming soon.